I have people I need to thank so I decided I’d make a page of it. This page will grow with time.

First of all thank you Neil! My husband is amazing. He listens to me go on and on and on and on about my projects and he pretends to be interested. He has edited my books off and on. He’s been willing to let me bounce ideas off of him. He’s encouraged my writing and my art. He is a super talented author, actor, singer, guitar player, and speech language pathology assistant. He’s my best friend. Thank you Neil 🙂

BILLIAM!!!!! Bill is my technology guru. He is the person I go to with questions about the website and sometimes writing as well. Bill is always willing to help even when he has much more important things to be doing. He gave me tips on how to pimp my banner. Then when I showed it off to him he made it better for me while I slept. He has also helped with editing for CLASSICAL PLUNDER and THE COURT OF MIRACLES.  Bill is an author, animator, and all around computerwiz. Bill is awesome. Thank you Bill.

Alex! Thank you for your extremely helpful advice on THE COURT OF MIRACLES. It helped me on my new book as well.

K to tha T to tha Lew to tha is. You are awesome. Thank you thank you thank you for helping with editing and reading. You are encouraging, skilled, and an amazing friend. THANK YOU!

Mum 🙂 My mom helped fund this site. Thank you mum. She and my dad put me through school and feed me through years. My mom is extremely talented. She writes, she draws, she plays instruments, she teaches, she runs a school, and she creates her own programs. I am very grateful to me mum (and my dad too!!!!!)

My favorite internet friend Peter. This guy has been my encouragement since the beginning of the project. He just rocks and he needs to be thanked 🙂

Thank you to the bands who have already given me permission to use their lyrics for THE COURT OF MIRACLES:

Voltaire ,

Frank Turner ,

Mankind is Obsolete ,

The Strand ,

Five Iron Frenzy ,

Jill Tracy ,

AcidicA ,

Hank Green,

Skinny Puppy ,

Black Tape for a Blue Girl ,

Reliquary ,

and A’ Rebours

Each of these are amazing bands/performers. I highly recommend you check them out. We have  a few more that I’ve contacted but can’t have permission for until I have an agent. Anyone I couldn’t get in contact with was taken out of the book.

To the rest of my friends and family, I wouldn’t be who I am without you. Thank you all for everything.

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