“Classical Plunder”

This is my book that I am currently editing to get ready for the querying stage.

It is a YA paranormal mystery told from the point of view of Emily, a highschooler who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome and a horrible secret. Anytime that Emily touches someone she experiences their last moments alive. She sees what they see, hears what they hear, and feels all the pain that they feel. It’s a lot for anyone to deal with and so Emily has tried her best to keep her distance from people. She immerses herself in the music and life of Mozart instead. Then at her new highschool, Emily meets and is befriended by Mickey and Katie Anne. Mickey understands what it’s like to be different and have no control over it. He has to use a communication device to talk. Katie Anne is just weird. She’s kind, loyal, full of energy, and dresses like a pirate everyday to school. When Emily finds out that Katie Anne is going to die in less than a month she knows she has to intervene. Emily tries to tell her new friends about her ability and about what is going to happen. Mickey believes her, but Katie Anne does not. As Mickey and Emily try their hardest to save their best friend they discover a even bigger disaster. Hundreds of people, many of which they know, are going to die within a year during at some unknown event. How do you attempt to save hundreds when you can’t even save one?

I had the initial idea back in the midst of writing “The Court of Miracles” but had to shelve it in order to finish TCoM. While editing TCoM I began researching the different things I need to know about for the novel including: Mozart, pirate history, The Phoenix Art Museum, pirate movies, Folk Metal Bands, communication devices, Pirate bands, Traumatic Brain Injuries, pirate lingo, Aspergers Syndrome, and macabre art.

In it’s current form it is only 49,421 words and it’s pretty fast paced.

I’m taking this one with me to the Indie Author Publishing Convention and Pitchapalooza. I have a query in progress up here on the site in case you are interested in this book.

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