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Dear Agent,

If you knew someone was going to die you would try to help. The problem is that Emily has tried to stop deaths in the past to no avail. Emily has had to deal with the demise of others her entire life because anytime anyone touches her she experiences their last moments alive. She sees what they see, hears what they hear, and feels the same pain they feel as if it was her own. When the experience is over the other person leaves to go on living their life, unaware of what transpired. Emily is left to relive the vision in her nightmares. In 15 years of life, Emily has lived through a lot of deaths and had given up on anyone believing her. Everyone she had tried to save died anyway. Emily also has to deal with the complications that living with Asperger’s Syndrome presents. Unable to handle everything, Emily tried her best to distance herself everyone around her. Then, at her new high school, Emily meets Katie Anne and Mickey.

Emily had never had close friends. She had people that she sat with at lunch but no one she trusted. She knew more about her favorite composer, Mozart, than she did about the living people surrounding her. Suddenly, Katie Anne and Mickey come into her life and change all that. Mickey understands what it’s like to be different and have no control over it. He has to use a communication device to talk. Katie Anne is just weird. She’s kind, loyal, full of energy, and dresses like a pirate everyday to school. After having to come to Emily’s aid on her first day of school, the two adopt her as their friend. Little did they know that Emily was hiding a much darker secret. When Emily finds out that Katie Anne is going to die soon Emily knows she has to intervene. In order to do this Emily has to share with her friends about her ability. Although Mickey believes her, Katie Anne can’t. As Mickey and Emily try their hardest to save their best friend they discover a even bigger disaster. Hundreds of people, many of which they know, are going to die within a year during at some unknown event. How do you attempt to save hundreds when you can’t even save one?

CLASSICAL PLUNDER is a 49,450 word Young Adult paranormal mystery. It’s author, Audrey Wright, has been a Special Education teacher for years. She lives in Phoenix Arizona with her husband and daughter. Her website features summaries of her writings, pictures of her art work, and updates on her stop motion project. Thank you for taking the time to consider this book.

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