Mosaic 4

Years ago I bought a large birdbath and mosaiced the whole thing, inside and out. It turned out great. I was so proud of it and put it in my yard. The problem was that we didn’t live in a very good neighborhood. Someone tried to steal it, not realizing how heavy it was. When they did discover how heavy it was they dropped it. This caused a crack throughout it, making it unable to hold water. We have still moved the darn thing with us everywhere we go since I put so much work into it. Someday I will make time to mosaic another one. Here are some pictures of parts of it.

This is a close up of one of the fish from the inside of the bird bath. This is an ornamental goldfish handmade from porcelain. It is set in blue grout with pieces of broken safety glass and various shades of broken blue tile.

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