Mosaic 6

Years ago I bought a large birdbath and mosaiced the whole thing, inside and out. It turned out great. I was so proud of it and put it in my yard. The problem was that we didn’t live in a very good neighborhood. Someone tried to steal it, not realizing how heavy it was. When they did discover how heavy it was they dropped it. This caused a crack throughout it, making it unable to hold water. We have still moved the darn thing with us everywhere we go since I put so much work into it. Someday I will make time to mosaic another one. Here are some pictures of parts of it.

This is a picture of part of the outside of the birdbath. The white dove is an original design. The leaf was made through a cookie cutter. They are set in black grout with pieces of broken tile. There was a tree design on the side with blue tile around it to be sky.

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