“The Court of Miracles”

“The Court of Miracles” is an original novel I have written. It follows the adventures of a girl named Ophelia as she starts her Junior year of high school in a new home and a new town. Ophelia’s struggle to make a new life is made harder by the fact that she’s not like everyone else.  She has powers that she has kept hidden from those around her. Here at her new school she comes face to face with an alternative group of  teens who also have powers. The story follows Ophelia as she learns what it means to be a part of a family, to be a friend, to control her powers,  and to stand up for what she believes in.

This book can stand alone but I hope it will be the first book in a series of at least 3. It is about 98,890 words right now. Throughout it I use musical lyrics to create a literary soundtrack, set the tone, and further the story. I have contacted all artists in some way. I either have permission to use the lyrics, or will be granted permission when I get a publisher.

I have been helped so far with editing, ideas, website, etc. by my awesome husband, friend Alex, me mum, and my friend Billiam. Thanks guys 🙂

Thank you to the bands who have already given me permission to use their lyrics:

Voltaire http://www.voltaire.net/ ,

Frank Turnerhttp://www.frank-turner.com/ ,

Mankind is Obsolete http://music.mkio.com/ ,

The Strand http://www.strandland.com/ ,

Five Iron Frenzy http://www.fiveironfrenzy.com/ ,

Jill Tracy http://www.jilltracy.com/ ,

AcidicA http://www.myspace.com/acidicasound ,

Hank Green http://hankgreen.com/ http://dftba.com/shop/categories/Music/Hank-Green/,

Skinny Puppyhttp://skinnypuppy.com/ ,

Black Tape for a Blue Girl http://www.blacktapeforabluegirl.com/ ,

Reliquaryhttp://www.reliquary.org/ ,

A’ Rebours http://www.maurautius.com/.

Each of these are amazing bands/performers. I highly recommend you check them out.

The query letter is currently on the site. I am not sending out any more for this book as I’m about to send out queries  for my newer book “Classical Plunder”. I would still love to have this one published. I really believe in the book. Please contact me if you are interested.

I have the other two books planned out which I have synopsis for. I have also been considering turning this book into a graphic novel.

If you are an agent and you are interested please contact me at oddjester@hotmail.com.

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