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Attn. Reader,

Think that dealing with a new home, family, and school is tough? Try doing all that while battling teens that can transmute metal, breathe fire, or control your mind.

THE COURT OF MIRACLES is an urban fantasy novel that follows Ophelia Wryn, a foster child who keeps to herself in order to hide her supernatural powers from the people around her. When told that she is moving again Ophelia believes that the new town and family will be just like all the others. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Starting her junior year of high school, Ophelia finds herself stuck in the midst of a secret black clad group of supernatural teens. With the help of their leader Eric Krane, Ophelia learns how to control her abilities while befriending others like herself. However, the more Ophelia becomes a part of the group, the more she is a witness to the malicious pranks that certain members inflict upon those who are powerless to defend themselves. After one of the pranks proves fatal, the friends turn their powers against one another. Ophelia and Krane find that they must band together to solve a murder and protect the safety of those they love.

THE COURT OF MIRACLES could be a standalone novel or the first in a three part series. It is complete at 98,890 words. It is written by Audrey Wright, a special education teacher who works with adolescents. She lives in Phoenix with her husband and daughter. Thank you for taking the time to consider this book.


Audrey Wright




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